lf8 presents
March 20th - May 22nd

Please stop by lf8
to meet Natalie Chanin
of Alabama Chanin
Sunday, May 22nd
2pm – 4pm

Alabama Chanin is a lifestyle company producing beautiful, well-designed and thoughtfully-made goods for the person and the home. They create lasting pieces through great design and strive to build products that create an emotional relationship between the user and the product. Alabama Chanin uses 100% organic cotton jersey fabric in their designs, sourced sustainably from seed to fabric; choosing to use cotton ties them to their home and to the land around them. They are makers and educators, working to elevate and merge design, craft, and fashion. See and learn more at alabamachanin.com


The Alabama Chanin pop-up store at lf8 will feature one-of-a-kind indigo pieces from the Alabama collection as well as the Alabama Chanin machine-made line. A special selection of home goods, accessories, and more will also be available. Readings, workshops and special events will take place over the course of the pop-up. Check back soon for details!

80 East 7th Street
Tuesday - Sunday
12pm - 6pm